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Istituto di Scienze del Mare - sede di Geologia Marina

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Via Gobetti, 101

40129 Bologna, Italy

Contact: Nevio Zitellini

Partnership Description:

ISMAR-BO is the reference institution of the Italian National Research Council for marine geological studies. The institute was founded in 1968 and its institutional duties include the systematic exploration and geological and environmental understanding of the Italian territorial Seas. Furthermore, the Institute is involved in scientific research in  extra-territorial Mediterranean areas in the Atlantic Ocean, Red Sea and Antarctic Seas. ISMAR-BO is based in Bologna and has a workshop in the Ravenna harbour, where assemblage, testing and storage of instruments is possible easing the logistics of the marine campaigns. ISMAR-BO employs some 45 persons of which more than 50% have completed graduate or post-graduate studies. The staff of the institute are trained and experienced in a broad range of technical and scientific disciplines and are capable of working in a wide variety of international projects.
The majority of the ISMAR-BO research projects are funded by national initiatives and from EC Framework Programmes. In particular, the institute was involved in the EC projects GEOSTAR 1/2, BIGSETS, ESONET, EUROSTRATAFORM. The institute has an extensive database consisting of multibeam bathymetry and seafloor reflectivity, magnetometric and gravimetric data, multichannel and high-resolution seismic lines, and seabed sampling.

Role of the Partner:

ISMAR will coordinate the overall project assuring the relationships with the EC officer and the management of the foreseen activities (see section B.5). It will actively participate to the activities of the project with an emphasis on the Research/Innovation activities.

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