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Instituto Andaluz de Geofísica

Universidad De Granada



Partnership Description:

The UGR group is and will be involved in the tasks of the present JRA proposal. In the recent years, the IAG group has been spent a great effort collecting reliable information on the three dimensional structure of the crust and upper mantle below Iberian Peninsula.
Special emphasis is conducted to South Spain-Alborán basin-North Africa 3D body waves propagation models and its relation with the seismicity and seismotectonic framework. The broad-band and short period networks deployed in South Spain and managed by the UGR, provide o high quality data for these type of studies. A reference model is especially interesting for south Europe where strong lateral variations of the crust-upper mantle structure affect to the moment tensor solutions for small-moderate earthquakes. IAG group is also involved in the seismic source parameters studies for low to moderate magnitude events.

Role of the Partner:

UGR will be the leader of the work package related to the merging and analysis of data coming from an integrated (land-sea) tsunami network. In addition it will host the Spanish data collector, providing real-time seismic data, procedures for fast computation of seismic parameters and definition of tsunami triggering parameters as part of the EWS prototype.

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