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Instituto de Meteorologia
Divisão de Sismologia


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Partnership Description:

The Instituto de Meteorologia (IM) is an institution that exists since 1977, when it has replaced the Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia e Geofísica, which replaced the former Serviço Meteorológico Nacional created in 1947. IM is the national responsible for the activities in the domain of Meteorology and Seismology.
The following attributions belong to IM: maintain and develop the national information systems of meteorology and seismology, having the exclusivity to disseminate seismic and meteorological bad weather warnings to the public and private entities; promote and keep contacts with the Civil Defense in case of meteorological or seismological catastrophes; promote and ensure the research and training at national and international level, in the domains of meteorology and seismology; promote the development of the international relations and cooperation in the domains of meteorology and seismology.
The Seismology Division has the national responsibility to monitor the seismic activity in the Mainland Portugal, Madeira archipelago and adjacent areas. The Division of Seismology gives technical support to the seismic monitoring in Azores, which is performed by the Azores Regional Delegation of IM (DRA) in a joint consortium with University of Azores (SIVISA protocol).
In order to accomplish the surveillance tasks, the Seismology Division runs several seismic networks in the above-mentioned regions. Besides the permanent networks, IM has also a portable seismic network that is used in several experimental seismic works, such as: seismic refraction profiles for lithospheric structure under Mainland and Azores; determination of several parameters of the ground in areas near active quarries; regional microzonations for seismic risk purposes; evolution of the
seismicity associated to active volcanoes and detailed local seismicity studies.
In what concerns research, the data acquired by the IM networks is used in the identification of the active seismogenetic areas around Portugal and in the characterisation of seismicity. Some seismic risk studies and experimental seismic works are performed in cooperation with Portuguese and international universities.

Role of the Partner:

IM will participate to the activity related to the data integration, its role is to host the Portuguese data collector, to provide real-time seismic data to the EWS prototype, to integrate water-level measurements. It will contribute to the implementation of procedures for fast computation of seismic parameters and definition of tsunami triggering parameters.

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