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Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique et


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Partnership Description:

The National Scientific and Technical Research Centre (CNRST) was created in 1981 to serve as a government instance that promotes research activities in Morocco. In this context, the Centre is in charge of organizing, coordinating and sponsoring national scientific and NEAREST Project – sub-priotity 35 technical research programs in Morocco. The Geophysics Laboratory, currently under the name of the National Geophysical Institute, was created by the CNRST in 1984 and is in charge of seismic monitoring and Alert activities within Morocco. For this purpose, this Lab deployed a large telemetry network of seismic stations that helps monitor real time seismicity.
In addition, the scientific team of this Laboratory has deployed a network of strong motion instruments over large structures in the country. This Lab is equally involved in seismotectonics, seismic hazard and seismic risk studies, as well as feasibility studies of large structures such as dams and large bridges. The Geophysics Lab has participated in the elaboration of the national seismic building code and has also undertaken a number of seismic
microzonation studies for major urban cities in Morocco. The Geophysics Laboratory hosts since 1995, the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for the Assessment and Prevention of seismic Risk (CEPRIS) which is affiliated to the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement. The CEPRIS is active in promoting scientific cooperation between several countries of the western Mediterranean in the domains of seismic hazard assessment and prevention. The Geophysics Laboratory employs 10 research scientists, and 20 staff members as well as 4 doctoral and 5 Masters full-time students.

Role of the Partner:

CNRST role is to host the Moroccan data collector, to provide real-time seismic data to the EWS prototype and to assist the development of procedures for fast computation of seismic parameters.

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